Purchase steps


Steps for purchasing an apartment

It is important to us that you choose your home thoughtfully and that all conditions and aspects are clear. Therefore, the apartment purchase process itself must be transparent and understandable. Step by step – all conditions and options.

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Getting to know Harmony Home

Buying a house is a special, but also a very responsible decision, therefore, before making it, we invite you to carefully study the new project, evaluate its advantages and technical solutions.

You will find all the necessary information about Harmony Home on this web page and on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, but more detailed questions will be answered by our knowledgeable sales managers.

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Viewing Harmony Home

It is already possible to follow the progress of construction and see how Harmony Home is being built, using a live web-cam (next to each NEW project page).

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Making a decision to buy an apartment

We will be happy with you if you choose to live in Harmony Home!

We offer both compact studio-type apartments and spacious two-, three- and four-room apartments. To make life more comfortable, the purchase of the apartment also includes a utility room in the basement of the building. In addition, you can also buy a parking space in the yard. View and choose your apartment on the home page of each project.

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Apartment reservation

When you have chosen your real apartment, we offer to conclude an apartment reservation contract – this will guarantee that the chosen apartment will not be offered to other buyers for one month, while you check your creditworthiness with the bank. When concluding the apartment reservation contract, a reservation fee of 1,000 euros must be paid to the account of the project developer. The amount of money paid is included in the total amount of the purchase or is refunded if the bank rejects the client’s application due to insufficient creditworthiness.

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Checking of creditworthiness

If you will need co-financing for the purchase of an apartment, we invite you to contact the bank and find out your creditworthiness. This can be done both when the right apartment has already been viewed, and also before the start of the search for a new home.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the favorable lending offers of Harmony Home cooperative banks here.

The purchase of an apartment can also be linked to the “ALTUM” state support program, which defines several target groups for receiving support. More detailed information about the state support program is available here.

6 .

Conclusion of the preliminary contract

When a positive credit rating is received from the bank, a preliminary agreement must be concluded with the project developer and a down payment of 10% of the total transaction amount must be made.

After signing the pre-contract, you will certainly look forward to the Harmony Home house being ready! It will be easiest to do this by following the news on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as by taking a look at our live web cams!

7 .

Purchase and Consolidation of Ownership

When the Harmony Home house has been put into operation, divided into apartment properties and registered in the land register, an apartment purchase agreement must be concluded with the project developer and the remaining amount must be paid into the developer’s account. As a result, ownership rights are registered in the land register, and we will welcome you and your family as full owners of the Harmony Home apartment!

In case of further questions, please contact the Harmony Home sales manager.

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