Harmony Home Japondi

The Harmony Home Teika Japandi style interior, combines Scandinavian functionality with Japanese minimalism. The Japandi style fits perfectly with a modern lifestyle, which is often stressful and fast, by providing a calming environment for rest and relaxation. The Scandinavian term Hygge (cosiness and well-being through simple things) and the Japanese Wabi–sabi (the acceptance of transience and imperfection) come together in harmony and create a simple, serene and stress-free environment with elements of nature.


  • Walls: neutral beige pastel hues with terracotta and eucalyptus accents
  • Floors in living areas: laminate class 32 / AC4 or higher. Colour: Bleached oak *
  • Floor skirting: HDF, same colour as walls
  • Doors: Prodex, Lisa Pro, floor colour with black door handles
  • Light switches and outlets: black, white in bathrooms
  • Bathroom fixtures: 170 cm long acrylic bath or shower tray, white ceramic sink with cabinet, separate toilet, faucets, white Zehnder towel rail. Ideal Standart, Vitra, Hansgrohe or equivalent plumbing*
  • Tiles: ceramic.


Japandi colours are neutral shades – a mix of fresh and cool which characterises a blend of Scandinavian and Japanese design. A calming colour palette: light grey, natural pastel colours, wood, clay, sand.

Bright colours, however, are not excluded. Contrasts are an essential aspect of interior design: the light, natural wood and neutral pastel hues are combined with the deeper shades typical of Japanese design: anthracite, indigo, emerald green and even black. A green accent can be added using natural elements such as plants.

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