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When high expectations meet experience and innovation

Harmony Home is a fully designed standardized apartment building development produced by the experienced Latvian company STATS Group. It is created as an export product based on the high-level demands of the Northern European market, but is also available to Latvian real estate developers. The first building is being built here in Latvia, in Teika.

Using VST technology, patented in Austria, all structural elements are factory made and only assembled and set in concrete at the construction site, ensuring that all the structural elements are made with absolute precision.

This creates outstanding quality for a long-lasting, enduring and energy efficient building with low sound transmission.


Harmony Home provides the highest standard of living for the most important aspects – AIR, LIGHT, SOUND – and creates the opportunity for harmonious living.

Construction Quality

The VST technology patented in Austria provides absolutely precise walls, floor slabs and other construction elements which make up a jointless, dense and enduring building of outstanding quality. It is the basis for a long-lasting, energy efficient, fireproof building with excellent sound insulation. A building of this type has no cracks or fissures even after several decades

Passive House Standard

The VST system used in Harmony Home construction is certified as a Passive House component. The concrete panels with stay-in-place formwork create the jointless structure and ensure a high density for the building and low heat permeability. Efficient solutions for cold bridges reduce heat loss to a minimum. This is quality in construction which ensures efficiency in everyday living.

Family Friendly Environment

Harmony Home provides solutions for living space requirements for families. The excellent sound insulation allows you to enjoy your privacy and not worry about neighbour’s complaints when your kids are rowdy at bedtime. The panoramic windows provide a light and airy feeling in your apartment. The spacious elevators and wide doorways both in the apartments and public areas ensure easy access for families with children’s strollers. The basement is easily accessible by elevator and has a storage area for strollers and bicycles. The children’s play areas in the green courtyard provide a safe, enclosed environment. It is an accessible environment with high quality conditions for everyone without limitations.

Excellent Sound Insulation

Due to the high density of the walls and other technical indicators, the apartments have excellent sound insulation Rw= 56 – 62 dB. You won’t know which TV shows your neighbours are watching, and you won’t worry about knocks on the wall about your loud music and your children’s noisy games. The feeling of a private home where the sounds around you are yours by choice.

Green Environment Value

Nature is one of our most valuable resources and a major value in this development. The building is constructed using VST technologies with factory produced stay-in-place formwork for concrete walls and slabs with integrated pipework for engineering systems. This allows for considerably reduced CO2 emissions and waste during construction. The manufacturing of the construction elements is also certified as environmentally friendly. The clean and fresh air provided by the recuperation system together with the green surroundings provide comfort for the residents.

Efficient Use of Space

The perfectly planned ergonomic layout provides for efficient use of space while maintaining a spacious feeling ensured by the panoramic windows and the glazed balcony, which is a genuine extension of your living space to enjoy sunshine in the summer and appreciate as a conservatory during the cold season. The balcony has lighting and a power outlet. There is a personal storage area in the basement with lighting and a power outlet, as well as a bicycle storage area, so that you are surrounded only by your everyday needs. The spacious elevator will take you down to the basement.

Class A Energy Efficiency

The construction technology used ensures a Class A energy efficiency rating for the building with total energy consumption up to 40 kWh/m2, which allows Harmony Home to easily attain Passive House standards. Each apartment has a separate modern recuperation system. This provides high quality and comfortable living conditions for residents and reduces monthly payments.

Surroundings and Infrastructure

Convenience and comfort are the characteristics of Harmony Home surrounding. A safe, enclosed environment with lush greenery – a courtyard where you can play safely, exercise and enjoy your day. Space to park your car, bicycle, and children’s stroller, and easily accessible public transportation. All your everyday needs nearby: kindergartens and schools, doctors, shops, sports activities.


The STATS Group is a group of Latvian companies which have assembled the most passionate professionals of the industry and are implementing a full cycle of construction services from the idea and design, to property development. Pooling together more than a quarter century’s worth of experience, we have created the outstanding residential development Harmony Home, which will satisfy all the expectations of today’s demanding individual for a high quality of life.

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