Buy now – Pay less

Buy NOW - Pay less

Discount up to 7%, paying for the purchase immediately!


We now add a special offer for the purchase of apartments to Harmony’s smart solutions for a harmonious life. When paying the entire purchase amount at once, a discount is granted, which depends on the degree of readiness of the project at the time of the transaction. In April, when purchasing an apartment in the Harmony Sky Garden project, it is possible to receive a discount of 7% or up to 24,500 euros.


The amount of the discount will decrease every month – in May, it will be possible to get an apartment 200 meters from the sea with a 6% discount, and then every month it will be reduced by 0.5% until it reaches half a percent and will remain so until it is put into operation. The special purchase conditions are currently valid only in the Harmony Sky Garden project, and similar conditions will be applied to the future projects as well with the start of apartment sales.


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Discounts decrease every month – don’t miss the great discount!

As you know, the price of housing increases with the degree of readiness – the price of an apartment put into operation is much higher than it is at the stage of construction. This means that the new solution allows you to save even more – the sooner the apartment is purchased, the lower its price and the higher the discount percentage.

Given the still rising and volatile inflation, such an investment also helps to preserve the value of the assets at the same time. It is not for nothing that real estate is considered one of the safest investments. It should be noted that Harmony residential houses, thanks to their high energy efficiency and long-lasting quality, maintain their value in the long term and their potential after-sale value is high. Thus, the investment of free funds in the Harmony apartment provides benefits both in the short term and in the very long term.


A notable advantage of Harmony Home projects is the minimal impact of economic processes of various scales on the progress and costs of project implementation. Such safety is provided by construction using VST technology and it was also proved by the Harmony Teika project, which was successfully implemented during the global economic and energy crisis.


The developer and builder of Harmony is the STATS group – a group of Latvian companies that has been providing full-cycle construction services for 30 years. By combining years of experience in construction and property development, the outstanding residential project Harmony Home was created, which is able to fulfill all the wishes of a demanding modern person for a high quality of life.

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