Steps to purchase


Clearly set out steps for purchasing an apartment

It is important to us that you make an informed decision in choosing your home and understand all aspects and conditions. Therefore, the purchasing procedure for your apartment also needs to be logical and easy to undestand. Here, step by step, are all the conditions and options.

1 st

Learn About Harmony Home Teika

Learn About Harmony Home Teika

Buying a home is a special and very responsible decision, therefore before making this decision we ask you to carefully learn about the new development and evaluate its advantages and technical solutions.

All the necessary information about Harmony Home Teika can be found on this web page and on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. More detailed questions can be answered by the sales project representatives.

2 nd

Harmony Home Teika Viewing 

Harmony Home Teika Viewing

You can already follow along and watch Harmony Home Teika being constructed via our live web-cam on front page. The new development is presently still under construction, therefore, due to safety regulations, in-person viewing can only take place outside the construction site.

The comfortable apartments and practical layouts will be available for in-person viewing after Harmony Home Teika is approved for occupancy, and on our Open House Days.

Until then we invite you to go to Teika and take a look at the surroundings of the new development. Experience the proximity of nature, appreciate the well-developed infrastructure, and the excellent recreation opportunities. Find out more about Teika as the most harmonious place to live in Riga here.

3 rd

Making the Decision to Purchase an Apartment

We will celebrate with you, if you choose to live in Harmony Home Teika!

We offer both compact studio type apartments, and spacious three and four room apartments. To make your life more comfortable, the apartment price includes a storage area in the basement. You may also purchase a parking spot in the courtyard. View and select your apartment here.

4 th

Reserving an Apartment

When you have selected your apartment, you will be able to sign a contract to reserve your apartment. This will guarantee that your chosen apartment will not be available to other buyers for one month, while you take the time to make a loan application with the bank. Upon signing the apartment reservation, you will be required to transfer a reservation fee of EUR 1000 to the project developer’s account. This amount will be included in the total purchasing price, or will be returned to the client if the bank declines the client’s loan application.

5 th

Information on Loan Options

If you will require loan financing for your apartment purchase, we encourage you to contact the bank and explore your loan options. This can be done once you have selected your chosen apartment, or before you start the search for your new home.

You can learn more about the Harmony Home Teika partner bank favourable loan options here.

For your apartment purchase you can also make use of the state support program ALTUM, which has defined several target groups to receive this support. Detailed information about the state support program is available here.

6 th

Preliminary Contract Signing

When you have received a positive loan application evaluation from the bank, you will sign a preliminary contract with the project developer and make a down payment in the amount of 10% of the total purchase price.

After signing the preliminary contract, you will impatiently be waiting for Harmony Home Teika to be completed! The easiest way to do this will be to follow updates on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, and to take a look at our live web-cams here!

7 th

Purchase and Ownership Status Confirmation

When Harmony Home Teika is completed, approved for occupancy, and divided and registered as apartment properties in the Land Register, you will sign an apartment purchase contract with the developer and transfer the remaining amount payable to the developer’s account. After that you will be registered as the property owner in the Land Register, and we will congratulate you and your family as full-fledged Harmony Home Teika apartment owners!


If you have further questions, please contact the ARCO REAL ESTATE sales representatives: